Was born in 1976 taking the first steps in the handcrafted laying of wooden floors.
Devotion to profession, love for excellent products, endless research for innovation and Schinco‘s greater and greater experience have made it one of the most important companies in Southern Italy.
Continuously growing , cooperating with nationally and internationally recognized partners, the company has developed an exclusive “tailoring” line which comes alive thanks to artistic and technical expertise and to a staff of skilled craftsmen who can meet every creative need.

For several years the company has made the supply and installation of wooden floors its strength, ranging from traditional classical and artistic parquet to prefinished flooring, laminates, coatings of wooden stairs, wall panels as well as an elegant and valuable “tailoring” line , open to the creation of new ideas, which allows a harmonious blend of styles and solutions to create significant innovations in the field of parquet.
The constant effort to organize training and information courses makes Schinco Parquet a landmark in the area.

Vero Legno


The warmth of parquet and the creativity of a surprising design. These are the guidelines of the new Schinco Parquet’s production.
WOODENCARPET products are special roll up carpets made of wooden slats or staves on an exclusive non-slip stand.
A complex project constantly in progress, with surprising production opportunities and unique and exclusive arrangements!


Easy to roll up, easy to clean! Schinco Parquet’s wooden carpets are entirely handmade; we guarantee MADE IN ITALY quality and unicity!

  • thickness about 5 mm
  • noble wood 3,5 mm
  • non-slip stand
  • smoothed edge, without hindrance
  • environmentally friendly
  • customizable: size - shape - finish
  • treated with antibacterial varnishes
  • antistatic
  • easy to roll up
  • easy to move
  • easy to clean
  • regenerable
  • entirely handmade


and change its look whenever you want!

Woodencarpet is a dynamic and innovative project, which allows you to create original design solutions, combining the single modules in new creations.
Set up the tiles. You can create your carpet... and change its look whenever you want!

Finishing: customizable;
Assembling: customizable;
Thickness: 5 mm ca;
Size: moduli 100 cm x 100 cm